Stretched Dimensions

“One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

I first read this quote during my last year of college, and it quickly became my inspiration as I entered the teaching profession.

As I reflect on my own journey in school growing up, I admit that I do not remember each fact I learned or recall each concept I once studied so hard.  However, rather than view those experiences as wasted, I recognize that they shaped me.

Whether or not we remember something has little impact on whether or not it affected us.  My own identity has been molded by each idea that has entered my mind throughout my years of living.  My view of the world is formed by all that I have learned and experienced, within the classroom and without.

My hope as a teacher is not that my students will remember the names of the authors I introduce them to, the titles of the texts we read, or even the plots and themes of each story.  Instead, my dream is that the ideas students encounter in my class will expose them to new people and different perspectives that will forever impact how they view themselves and the world.

What is your goal as a teacher?  What are your sources of inspiration?


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