My Classroom

One of the reasons I love my classroom is that it looks so different every hour, because I teach American Literature and English as a Second Language. One period I may have a class of 30 juniors analyzing complex literature, and the next, I may have only six students who speak very little English working on speaking in complete sentences.  I love the diversity this schedule brings with the types of students I work with and the type of work we do.

I am passionate about American literature and enjoy almost every literary movement in it and the high level of rigor that comes with studying it.  Juniors are so fun to work with, because they have enough maturity to take school seriously, but they can also be goofy and fun.

In my ESL classes, I love working with students from not only all grade levels, but also from a wide range of countries from around the world.  Some of my students are from Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, Honduras, China, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Estonia, Vietnam, and more.  Most of these students are excited to learn English and develop such a beautiful community in my class where we can all learn about differences in both our languages and cultures.

Although I did not graduate with the intent to teach juniors or ESL, I can’t imagine being more satisfied teaching any other classes.  I look forward to sharing some of the adventures I have had!

I’d love to hear about your experience too!  What grade level and content area(s) do you teach?  What are some of the challenges?  What do you like about them?



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